The Westcart™ rolling storage and deployment racks support your need to store and transport the various Westcot™ and Surge Cots that we manufacture. Heavy duty steel construction followed by tough baked on powder coated paint ensures years of durability. The casters allow for easy movement on most surfaces. Standard sizes as well as special order and we can custom build to fit any need including other cots and supplies that you need to store and deploy. From our industry standard Westcot™ FNC to Bariatric and Surge Cots, we have a rack to fit every need. Don't forget our custom dust covers too.

Specifications: Westcot cart – Westcart

  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Laser Cut Components – No Sharp Edges
  • Baked on Powder Coated Textured Finish
  • 10 Bed Cart for Westcot FNC & 8 Bed Cart for Westcot APC
  • 15 Surge Cots fit in the Westcart 10 Rack
  • Westcart T – 68.5” tall 8 Bed rack for Trailers!
  • 2 Fixed & 2 Swivel Casters – 3” diameter
  • Moves easily on carpet, vinyl, wood and concrete flooring
  • Racks clipped to pallets for safe travel and easy removal
  • Beds Shipped in Westcarts – come in cartons and are stretch wrapped
  • Rack Foot Prints – 38” x 42.5” x 82” (call for exact size by rack)
  • Empty Rack Weight - approx 155#
  • Dust Cover Available with Hook and Loop Closures
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