Product and Manufacturing Comparisons. We build our products with the most abusive environment they may experience in mind. Through hundreds of deployments of thousands of beds, we have listened, learned and changed so that your first response in a disaster is not to fix the product before you can use it. This comparison explains why we do what we do and the results if we don't relative to other manufacturing techniques in the market.

Functional Needs Cot - Product and Manufacturing Comparisons

Testing Data - There are no industry standards when it comes to testing. We've developed our own in-house testing based on years of supply furniture to the big box retailers. They used Consumer Testing Labs to ensure safety and reliability so we've brought those same tough criteria to our testing standards. As most functional needs cots and surge cots are some form of a copy of our Westcot. We endeavor to purchase all products in the market and test them to our standards.

L2030 - SRG Test

IMS MedBed Video Test - Test of the IMS MedBed - 450# weight - test went 5,000 cycles. This bed is a sling deck product vs. the Westcot spring and deck design. Developed to support those buyers who are budget constrained but want a product that they can trust to meet the specs.

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Industry Resources to Help You Plan, Prepare and Execute in the face of disaster: FEMA - Office of Disaster Integration and Coordination.

FEMA - ODIC Presentation